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This year we went to the European Jeepers Jamboree with all of the Jeeps. Our friend Piet, driver of the Holland Jeep during   previous Jamborees, has his own Jeep now, so we had to find a new driver for the Holland Jeep. This was not a big problem, because Margriet said after the dustbowl weekend last year: If I have my drivers license next year I want to drive the Holland Jeep. She still was serious about that, so Margriet and her friend Sabine are now the new drivers of the Holland Jeep. They practiced one sunday afternoon and after that they thought they had enough experience to drive the black trails. Together they did all the black trails and tracks. They also won the most beautiful Jeep contest with the Holland Jeep. ( I don,t really know If that was because of the Jeep or the girls behind the wheel)

Now the Jamboree is over and we have to wait another year with only some pictures left. You can see all the pictures taken by the Royal Jeep group on this page.


De Holland Jeep

Winner of the concours d'elegance

European Jeepers Jamboree 2002

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