The Chief now The Chief in the future

I use my CJ as a daily driver, so I go to work with it also. I seemed a good idea to have a more comfortable car for the winter. It has to be a Jeep of coarse, so my choice was a end seventies Cherokee. To have some parts interchangeable I wanted a 360 engine with quadratrac, just like my CJ. In June 2001 I was notified by another dutch Jeeper that there was one available in the east of the Netherlands. I went to look for it and I liked it. The price was no problem so I bought my Cherokee.There were no Dutch licence plates on it and there was some work to do on the body. In the winter I should take care of that. Now it is a year later and still nothing is done, but next winter the Chief will be on the road again.

De Chief nu 01 01



De Chief nu 02



De Chief nu 03



De Chief nu 04 04