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In 1996 the next Jeep came in sight. Desperado was running for 4 years now and a new project should be started. Herman was very charmed of a late seventies Jeep truck. After a few months of spelling the adds in the newspapers a suitable truck was found. A 1976 J20 for little money, but the body in terrible state.  In 2000 a second truck was bought as a parts donor. This one wasn't as bad as it looked, so it is still running and because of that the rebuild project proceeds very slow.

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On the pictures it doesn't look that bad, but when you look closely you can see that there is hardly anything left of the body. 

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Herman started copying body parts in stainless steel a few years ago, but this is still all there is .


The final goal is a Jeep camper, like the ones that are sold in the sixties:

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