The Truck project Traveling with the Truck The camperunit Sochi 2014

Soon after the second truck was bought, we found out that it is a very useful car to transport everything. We also found out that for the longer trips the truck offers more comfort than the CJ's .Another advantage was that the cargo floor is big enough to sleep with two persons, so for short vacations and weekend trips the truck became the first choice. Last year we went to Portgal and Estonia with the truck.



A truck is very useful when you have to buy new tires for all of the royal Jeeps.



Trips to Portugal and Estonia. No problem with the truck. And having a 150 liter LPG tank added to the 70 liters of gas you can go a long way between the fuel stops.



In Estonia following the Dutch national soccer team.



It is not yet the camper we have in mind, but sleeping in the truck is very good this way.

Jeep trailer


Also very good for towing a trailer.